The Design Of Your Dreams

How We Work

It is a big investment to improve your property. Your money, time, emotion, and energy are on the line. Our goal is for you to be positive and peaceful about selecting us. Our role is to be your trusted advisor for the design and building of your property and be your design and build partner for the best results based on an agreed-upon process and budget. 

The following is the general procedure for an extensive remodel, though not all projects will follow this exactly.

Your Call

When you first contact us to schedule a free consultation, we will ask for information about the project - the scope, time frame, and budget. We may schedule another telephone conference with you to take place before the initial site visit. We may also send (or ask for) information.

Our Call

The second telephone conversation will be an extensive interview with Lyn Gilbert at which time he will LISTEN to you, discuss your objectives, expectations, style, preferences, and budget.

First Site Visit

On the first visit with you, Lyn will go over your project in detail. He will ask a lot of questions, while the focus of this visit will be listening to you and taking measurements. You may be asked to provide magazine pictures, photos of items you like, or general information needed to narrow the design and budget.

Second Site Visit

Usually, a second consultation is needed. At this meeting, Lyn may present sketches, conceptual architectural drawings, product samples, pictures, and general ideas. Additional meetings may require showroom visits.

The Design

We can help you know exactly what you want to accomplish. We believe that you are the designer. We have the ability to listen and help you discover your own personal design. Design-build is one type of service that we offer. This method allows us to be involved, and fully aware, of the entire project. This enables a seamless process from design to final cleanup. If you elect us to do the design, we will present a design contract. This design contract is separate from the construction contract and does not obligate you to use us for the construction. Having us involved throughout the entire process, however, your design and budget will both be respected.

Depending on the size of your project, you may choose to contact an architect who is knowledgeable about your type of project. We can provide this service, or we will work with your architect, or with your existing plans.

We are aware of local planning, zoning and building department expectations and restrictions. 


You will get a complete written contract, clearly spelling out what the responsibilities of both parties will be, as well as the entire scope of work. Our contracts are very detailed. You will have the same specifications our employees will have. We want everyone to be on the same page. At the time of signing the construction contract, we will review all of the specifications of the project. We will make sure you understand what, where, and how it is going to be done. We will also set the time frame of the project duration. A date will be indicated for completion of the work.


Most projects will require some form of permitting,  and we can include this for you.


Once the construction begins, we will try to keep you informed of the progress, including any activities that may disrupt your routine.  One senior staff employee will be in charge of your project and will report to you. A “close in” walk through will be conducted with you before the finished walls and ceilings are installed.  This gives you a chance to determine if all electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and any other internal items are where you thought they would be.  A “substantial completion” walk through will be conducted with you before the final payment is made.

Follow Up

Your project will be warranted, and we will be happy to attend to future adjustments. Our relationship with our clients usually results in additional projects. Remember, we are particularly interested in providing for your future. Our Design-For-Life approach to remodeling addresses the long-term concerns which many people do not consider until they are directly faced with such issues.