You are a homeowner who wants a home makeover, changes, and additions that make all occupants and guests welcome and comfortable.  You want good design which can accommodate changing needs.

You are an owner of a commercial building who wants to improve your investment and comply with the existing codes without disruption to your clients,  and without wasting money.

You are a senior who wants to remain in your home.  Your home represents your family, your memories, and your haven from the rest of the world.  It also provides assurance of your independence.  You may need some minor (or major) accommodations to make you more secure and confident in your home.

You are the child of a senior.  You may not be able to physically check to see that the parents you love are safe and secure in their home, or you may need improvements to your home so they can visit.

You are a victim, or guardian of a victim, of an illness or accident resulting in a temporary or permanent physical impairment.  You may need alterations in your living spaces to accommodate changes in your lifestyle.

You are a medical professional in need of a designer and contractor to make the needed changes to a home or commercial building to meet the needs of your patients.

You are an owner of a deteriorating  home or building. You need someone to pinpoint the problem, and make corrections so the problem will be resolved.

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